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    LASIK Vision correction

    Refractive surgery is the term used to describe surgical procedures that correct common vision problems to reduce your dependence on prescription eyeglasses and/or contact lenses.

    Currently, a laser procedure called LASIK is the most popular refractive surgery.

    What is LASIK ?

    LASIK is a procedure where a Laser is used to reshape the cornea and effectively alter the refractive power of the eye.

    Does the procedure hurt ?

    LASIK surgery required anesthesia in the form of eye drops. There will be no pain during the procedure, but you might feel some pressure on the eyes during the procedure.

    Am I eligible for LASIK ?

    You must be above the age of 20 years, and the refractive error has to be stable for at least one year. your doctor will perform a comprehensive eye examination, including a dilated retinal examination and advise scans to assess the thickness and curvature of the cornea and Pupil size. 

    Your eye doctor will also note your general health history and any medications you are taking.

    You should stop wearing contact lenses for a period of time advised by your doctor (Typically 1-2 weeks)

    What is the cost of LASIK Laser surgery ? 

    Cost of LASIK laser vision correction varies widely in different eye hospitals. Please contact Swastik eye hospital to know the actual cost of operation for your eyes.

    What to expect from LASIK surgery ?

    • Procedure Time: About 10 minutes per eye
    • Typical results: 6/6 vision without glasses or contact lenses
    • Recovery time: A few days to several weeks for vision to stabilize. 

      What are the Long term visual outcomes of LASIK?

      Laser eye surgery offers numerous benefits and can dramatically improve your quality of life.While the procedure has an excellent safety profile, LASIK complications can occur and may include infection or night glare or Dryness of eyes.  

      Does LASIK need to be repeated?

      A small percentage of people will need a LASIK enhancement, or "touch up" procedure, a few months after the primary LASIK surgery to achieve acceptable visual acuity.

      LASIK Laser surgery has a proved track record and the surgery has evolved over the last two decades and the results of laser eye surgery are highly predictable with minimal or no complications. Contact your eye care provider at Swastik Eye hospital for further details. 

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