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    ICL ( Implantable contact lens )

    What is ICL ?

    Implantable Contact Lens is a customized lens inserted in the eye to correct the refractive errors like Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism. it is made of Collamer material ( Polymer of Collagen and acrylic )

    what is the range of refractive correction achieved by ICL ?

    ICL can correct myopia upto -19 D, Hyperopia upto 10 D and Astigmatism upto 6D. 

    Am I a suitable candidate for ICL ?

    The refraction had to be stable for at least 12 months. Your doctor will need to do some scans of the eye to measure the available space in the eye to place the lens safely ( ACD ) and a dilated retinal examination. Based on all the tests, you doctor will determine the safety of the procedure.

    What are the advantages of ICL over LASER Vision correction ?

    -  Quick Procedure

    -  Potentially reversivle

    -  Excellent quality of vsion

    -  Minimal Glare and dryness

    -  High patient satisfaction

    Are there any side effects ?

    ICL has been in clinical use for more than 15 years. It has a proven clinical safety and is approved for clinical use be the US FDA.

    There are minimal or no side effects. Some patients can have a transient increase in intraocular pressure, or glare and haloes 

    in the evening. 

    Is it a reversible procedure ? 

    Unlike Laser vision correction treatments, ICL implantation is potentially reversible. The ICL can be explanted if need be, and the patient goes back to his original glasses or contact lens.

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